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Dedicated services

We offer a whole range of services dedicated only to special needs and expectations for specialized companies and production plants. Due to the wide range of services and extensive experience, we are able to meet the most demanding challenges.

  1. Specialized Contract Services

    For clients who have OHS services but need additional support, we offer a specialized and experienced team of advisors in the field of:

    • interpretation of legal requirements,
    • defining preventive actions,
    • implementation of the "Best practices",
    • technical safety,
    • and others.
  2. Constant service for business entities

    Consulting and control over the Client's operations in accordance with applicable rules and regulations regarding health and safety at work in companies employing up to 600 employees.

    The scope is in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September 2, 1997 on the occupational health and safety service (Journal of Laws of September 18, 1997) as amended, in particular:

    • general initial training,
    • analysis of the causes of accidents, post-accident documentation,
    • preparing documentation in the event of an employee applying for compensation,
    • advice on legal requirements for health and safety, and fire protection,
    • operational acceptance, preparation of OHS instructions, health and safety assessment, other documentation required by law,
    • assistance in contacts with the National Labor Inspectorate, the National Sanitary Inspection, the State Fire Service,
    • analysis of the company's OHS status,
    • raising safety awareness.
  3. Investment projects

    We offer comprehensive supervision over the safety of employees during construction works as part of current investments, renovations and services. As the OHS coordinator, we work in accordance with the clients' requirements or propose our own methods, procedures and reporting on safety. We always start our activities at the construction site with the implementation of a safety system. The system is developed based on a project risk assessment, estimation of implementation costs and Investor's requirements.

    We offer:

    • performing the function of health and safety coordinator at the construction site,
    • investor's supervision - implementation of a safety system,
    • preparation of Health and safety plan plans (BIOZ),
    • preparation of Instructions for the Safe Performance of Works,
    • preparation of the Construction Regulations,
    • performance of the introductory training for subcontractors,
    • supervision of works carried out by subcontractors,
    • consultancy in the field of construction law and OHS during the implementation of construction investments,
    • safety audits at the construction site.
  4. Special projects

    ProSafety does not close to specific and common solutions, we always try to reach the company's employees in an innovative and friendly way, so that their commitment leads to an improvement in the level of safety and strengthens the culture of work safety in the organization in which they operate every day. We are able to respond to the immediate need to solve the safety problem in a specific area of the client's business.

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+48 605 452 324