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Technical and process safety.

We offer professional services in the field of technical and process safety.

Conformity assessment of machines and devices

We carry out conformity assessment of machines and devices in accordance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive and minimum requirements in the field of work safety. As a result of the assessment, the client will receive a report containing the recommendations necessary to carry out the adaptation activities.

Process risk analysis PHA (what-if, HAZOP):

We offer a full analysis of process risk, including:

  • Process risk assessment,
  • Training in methodology and scope of analysis,
  • Leading the work of internal teams in companies (practical workshops for companies),
  • Development of templates for risk assessment,
  • Creating full reports from conducted analyzes, containing potentially dangerous scenarios of failure occurrence in relation to people, equipment and environment,
  • A list of functional protections and recommendations for proposed solutions to reduce the level of risk.

Fire protection:

We offer a full package of fire protection services:

  • Consulting and services in the field of fire protection,
  • Expertise in the field of fire protection,
  • Opinions of experts in the field of fire protection,
  • Service and arrangements regarding fire protection of investments,
  • Preparation of fire safety instructions.

ATEX requirements:

We offer an analysis in accordance with the ATEX requirements for companies with workplaces at risk of explosion.

  • Explosive risk analysis - Explosion hazard assessment (OZW),
  • Designation of explosion hazard zones,
  • Preparation of an Explosion Protection Document (DZPW).

The requirements of the Seveso Directive:

We offer a full range of services related to meeting the requirements of the Seveso Directive:

  • Preparation of the Application for the ZZR and ZDR company,
  • Preparation of the Accident Prevention Program (PZA),
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of a safety system that is part of the general management and organization system of the ZZR and ZDR company,
  • Preparation of a Safety Report (ROB),
  • Preparation of the Internal Emergency Plan (WPOR),
  • Determination of the range of toxic gas zones and concentrations of explosive vapors for released hazardous substances from the installation, range of thermal impact zones in the event of fire, as well as ranges of impact of shock wave pressure and shattering for tanks.

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+48 605 452 324