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Safety audit

The basis of every business is the security of data and other elements of the company's structure. Without it, the company operates on uncertain ground, risking the leakage of confidential information, irregularities in the production process, and exposing itself to other threats that it entails. The security audit verifies the mechanisms of operation and data protection in the company, guaranteeing the entrepreneur a good night's sleep, and the employees - the certainty that the conditions created for them and which they construct themselves ensure proper security for the company. Depending on the type of company, the audit focuses on various elements of business operations.

What does the audit verify most often?

  • proper functioning of the production system;
  • compliance of the company's operation with health and safety rules and employee safety;
  • security of personal data and confidential information, including those covered by trade secrets;
  • crisis management.

Our specialists will carry out a detailed security verification based on the specifics of your company, adapting the audit to its specific needs. The knowledge of our company's employees is supported by numerous certificates as well as experience gained over the years in the field of designing optimized audits.

Behavioral Audit

We will conduct a wide-ranging behavioral audit, which is one of the most important elements of taking care of work safety in a company. Behavioral protection is in a nutshell a training of employees in terms of appropriate behavior. By providing employees with the complete information they need regarding the correct steps they should take in specific situations, the entrepreneur can prevent some of the possible accidents.

This set includes proper behavior in the scope of performed work, eliminating possible dangerous activities, but also occupational hygiene, contacts with other employees and dialogue with superiors. Behavioral audit allows to verify the level of knowledge of employees in this area, enabling the introduction of corrections and additional training on its basis. The professional will prepare an optimized audit project and conduct it, providing you with a comprehensive analysis that will serve as the basis for possible changes.

Safety audit

In addition to internal security, verification carried out by an external company is also the best way to check the compliance of the company's operation as well as the production process it carries out with sanitary standards and regulations imposed on companies by the EU. Proper compliance with the standards related to the protection of ecosystems will be checked by an environmental audit, which will be skillfully carried out by our specialists, competent in legal regulations for nature protection.

The certainty that the company does not harm nature, for example by emitting harmful gases or toxic liquids, is an important element of its functioning for both production and legal as well as image reasons. Have a thorough environmental audit carried out for us to be 100% sure that you operate ecologically.

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