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Fire protection instruction

Safety is a key issue when designing a building or its interior. The elimination of possible threats is the basis of the work of a designer who is to plan the rooms and installations in the most effective but also the safest way possible. Unfortunately, the possibility of some accidents cannot be eliminated one hundred percent - such events include fires.

However, there are ways that reduce the risk of ignition from fire to a minimum. Proper preparation of fire safety instructions in accordance with legal requirements in the field of fire protection, set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration of June 7, 2010, eliminates the threat of fire to human life. A properly prepared instruction takes into account, among others, the conditions, security and development plans required for the facility.

Each building has a precise specificity to which the instruction must be adapted. This is primarily about the area, layout and technical conditions of the object, as well as substances stored in its area, which may increase the risk of fire. The specialist who will be commissioned to prepare fire safety instructions must take into account all these factors when designing a document optimized for a given object. What does the instruction specify in addition to the building safety conditions?

  • necessary fire-fighting equipment;
  • tasks attributable to the persons managing it;
  • organization of evacuation of people staying in the facility;
  • conditions for carrying out works generating an increased risk of fire.

Good fire safety instructions can only be created by a specialist with appropriate qualifications. By entrusting this task to our company, you can be sure that the preparation of the instruction will be entrusted to a competent professional who has the necessary permissions (higher education in fire engineering or the title of fire technician). Contact us for more information.

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