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We believe that safety is learned behavior, and one of the most important ways to change the approach to safety is to raise awareness through appropriate training.

We provide training in the field of broadly understood work safety carried out by qualified trainers who will show how to use acquired knowledge in practice.

We provide great flexibility, offering training at any time and place where it is needed to limit interference in the company's daily operations.

We perform:

  • Initial safety training,
  • periodic safety training,
    In accordance with art. 168 section 9 of the Act of 14.12.2016 Educational Law, the ProSafety training center received the status of a non-public continuing education institution. The program and methodology of conducting periodic training are adapted to the client's requirements based on risk assessment and regulations in force at the company. We provide an interesting form of training in interaction with participants.
  • training in Management Systems,
  • thematic training,
  • training and presentations on individual client orders.

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+48 605 452 324